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Committees of Anshe Sholom



We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has formed new committees to better serve Anshe Sholom. The purpose of these committees is to think toward the future, expand our horizons and get more people involved.

We invite you to review the following list and cosider joining us. These committees were recently formed and are a work in progress. If you would like more information, or would like to join any of these committees, please contact Wendy Packer ( or 914.589.0655). Whether you wish to volunteer for an hour here and there, or you want to take an active role in helping to drive a committee or plan an event, or you have professional expertise or resources to share, Anshe Sholom can put your time and talents to good use. We know you’ll find it worth the effort. Great ideas come when we all work together. Get involved, have your say, and make a difference!


o Ritual Committee: Helps make our services more user-friendly. Looks to get more people involved. Committee members: David Tantleff, AnnBeth Cohen

o Israel Committee: Keeps our congregants up to date on what is happening in Israel. Builds Israel awareness within Anshe Sholom. Committee members: David Tantleff, Yael Schulman, Morris Schoeneman

o Finance Committee: Focuses on reviewing the synagogue’s finances and maximizing revenue from synagogue assets. Committee members: Ari Hirsh, Sue Merims, Elihu Massel

oOutreach Committee: Educates the Jewish world at-large about Anshe Sholom. Recruits individuals, couples and families to our synagogue and the South New Rochelle community. Committee members: Laurie Kracko, Marc Bessler, Michael Berkowitz & Rabbi Hoffman / Contact: Laurie Kracko

o The Adult Ed Committee Arranges outside speakers, movies, field trips and the like, geared toward the congregation. Various committee members concentrate on different synagogue constituencies. Committee members: Marlene Lerner, Joanne Weisner-Steiner

o Marketing Committee Spreads the Anshe Sholom name to the greater community, via articles in print and online forums, as well as social media. Committee members: Ari Hirsh, Laurie Kracko


o Men’s Club Committee Engages male congregants of all ages, with a variety of backgrounds, to gather to learn, have fun and support our synagogue and the Jewish community.   We welcome you to join us every Saturday night for basketball in the Shul gym. Committee members: Tom Grimaldi, Morris Schoeneman Contact: Tom Grimaldi (


o House Committee Ensures that our building space is inviting, safe and well maintained for congregants and guests. Committee members: Elliot Kracko, Sue Merims, Honey Neier.


o Chesed Committee

Congregational Chesed Members: Rabbi Evan Hoffman, Sari Hoffman, Fany Dubi, David Bernfeld, Sona Bernfeld, Wendy Packer, Charlotte Lovich, Jerry Lovich, Ruth Grayson, AnnBeth Cohen, Ellen Kracko, Gary Waller, Janet Waller Marilyn Mandelbaum, Randi Weingarten, Beth Hirsh, Florence Simhon, Miriam Libman.


Areas of outreach:

o      Chesed/Bikur Cholim Liaison; Funeral and Shiva Info. contact: Ellen Kracko with information ( 914.633.9783).

o       Individuals available to visit the homebound, contact:   Miriam Libman (; Wendy Packer ( or 914.589.0655).

o       Provide meals to the sick/individuals or families in need of meals provided by Sisterhood, contact:       Ruth Grayson (914.632.4555).

o        “Tomchei Shabbos” meal preparation for those in need of temporary help, contact: Rabbi Hoffman and Sari Hoffman (914.924.6621).

o       Offer rides to Shul events and appointments, contact: Randi Weingarten (914.433.095); Wendy Packer ( or 914.589.0655);

David & Sona Bernfeld (914.636.4979);

Jerry & Charlotte Lovich (914.636.2668).

o        Shopping for groceries, picking up/delivering, contact: Beth Hirsh ( or 646.284.8366).

o        Sunshine cards provided by Sisterhood, contact: Marilyn Mandelbaum (914.636.1715).


o Memorial cards provided by Sisterhood, contact: Gertrude Goldstein (914.235.2635)