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Sukkot Schedule – Anshe Sholom

Sukkot Schedule


Wednesday Evening, October 4th

6:20 PM   Mincha

6:15 PM   Candle Lighting

Thursday, October 5th

9:15 AM   Shacharit

6:20 PM    Mincha

After 7:11 PM   Candle Lighting

Friday, October 6th

9:15 AM    Shacharit

6:15 PM    Mincha

After 6:11 PM   Candle Lighting

SHABBAT CHOL HAMOED Saturday, October 7th 

9:15 AM   Shacharit

6:00 PM    Mincha

After 7:08 PM    Havdalah/Shabbat Ends


Wednesday, October 11th (Hoshanah Rabbah)

6:45 AM   Shacharit

6:00 PM    Mincha

6:03 PM    Candle Lighting

Thursday, October 12th (Shmini Atzeret)

9:15 AM    Shacharit

10:30 AM  Yizkor

5:45 PM     Mincha

6:30 PM     Hakafot

After 7:00 PM   Candle Lighting


Friday, October 13th (Simchat Torah)

9:15 AM     Shacharit

10:00 PM   Hakafot

6:00 PM      Mincha

6:00 PM      Candle Lighting

Saturday, October 14th (Shabbat Breisheet)

9:15 AM     Shacharit

5:50 PM      Mincha

6:57 PM      Havdalah/Shabbat Ends